ray_1810_wideweb__470x258,0 (470x258) untitled (300x168) IMG_7413 (1000x667)Born in Ararat in regional Victoria in 1972, David Ray’s ceramic practice uses humour and satire to comment on our consumer driven lives. Ray graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne in 1995 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours (Ceramics) and recently undertook an Australia Council residency at Blue Coat studios in Liverpool, United Kingdom in 2014-15. His most recent shows include Trickster, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne (2015), his retrospective at Ararat Regional Gallery, Victoria and They don’t make ‘em like that anymore (2012). Ray’s work is held in Australian and international collections including The Margaret Lawrence Australian Ceramics Collection, Victorian College of the Arts, the University of Melbourne; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; RMIT University, Melbourne; Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane; Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria and The Clay Studio, Philadelphia. David Ray was a finalist of the Basil Sellers Art Prize 2 at the Ian Potter Museum of Art in 2010, and again in 2016 in Basil sellers Art Prize 5. 

Through his ceramics, David Ray provides wry commentary on contemporary consumerism and the less celebrated aspects of Australian cultural life. His work often explores the complex relationship between beauty and ugliness, and  defies conventional making technique.  Creating neo-baroque ceramics, incorporating an abundance of colours, textures and decals onto his handcrafted vessels, Ray is interested in the idea of ceramics as both functional objects and ornaments of value. 

David Ray continues his practice in his cave in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.


Please follow the link below to see David Ray discussing his ‘Spectacle’ in the Basil Sellers Award 2016:  http://catalogue.sellersartprize.com.au/2016/david-ray.html




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